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One executive at a time, Leading by DESIGN is dedicated to making West Michigan the place to find the country’s best leaders. Founded by Rodger Price in 2014, Leading by DESIGN was built on the premise that leadership skills are not always inherent, but when those skills are offered through experiential and reinforced learning models, they can be learned. Our mission is to do everything possible to help you discover and develop your unique design for leading well.

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Leadership is …

… more about the future than the present.
… more about people than tasks and reports.
… more about doing the right things than doing things right.

We believe that investing in leaders is one of the best investments an organization can make. Good leaders have a positive influence on workplace culture and have the power to improve employee engagement at work and in the community at large.

Rodger Price

Owner and founder of Leading by DESIGN, Rodger considers himself one part engineer, one part businessman, many parts coach and teacher. After more than a decade as a mechanical engineer, Rodger shifted from developing automotive products to organizational and people development. He spent the next twenty years in executive development for a variety of organizations: Prince/Johnson Controls, Twisthink, Courageous Leadership, and the Reformed Church in America. In recent years, Rodger rediscovered his passion for developing business leaders in West Michigan, which led to him starting Leading by DESIGN.

With a passion for science, learning, and faith, Rodger brings a unique perspective to leadership development. He founded Leading by DESIGN in 2014.
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Meredith Nieuwsma

In her eight years as a nonprofit database manager—a job that involved technical know-how, teaching, relationship-building, and a lot of listening—Meredith discovered her passion for training adults. In 2011, she made the switch from training around technology to leadership development, executive coaching, and coach training and development.

In 2013, Meredith started Cygnus Services, a leadership development and executive coaching company. Meredith coaches all kinds of people in different stages of life, with an emphasis on women, emerging leaders, and people in the midsts of career transitions. She also continues to develop coaches for church denominations throughout the United States and Canada.


Jeffrey Boersma


In his 16 years of professional coaching experience, Jeff has coached leaders in a variety of industries, including CEOs, business executives, educational and medical professionals, and nonprofit leaders and pastors. Jeff is an Advanced Certified Coach and holds four other coaching certifications. He also owns his own coaching business, Discovery Coaching Services.

Jeff comes out of a background of a family manufacturing business in West Michigan. He spent the early years of his career as a minister prior to receiving his doctorate with an emphasis on leadership development.

Gerald Alvaro

As a leader in the business, education, and nonprofit world for more than 25 years in both Australia and the United States, Gerald brings his extensive experience to building leaders and ensuring that their development leads to lasting impact. Gerald has passionately given his life to building up those around him in his workplace, church, and community.

 Over the last eight years he gave specific focus to working with leaders. He coached individuals and built multiple leadership development programs, which helped people reach new heights in their careers and personal lives. Gerald has a deep care for people, and to walking alongside them to help them become their personal best.

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