The Leadership Matters Blog

The Leadership Matters blog is a benefit we offer to LEAD 365 alumni. We hope the blog encourages you to continue exploring what it means to be a leader worth following in West Michigan.

Here is what we hope to accomplish through the blog:

  1. Allow you to review the content we covered in LEAD 365.
  2. Give you new content being offered in current LEAD 365 cohorts.
  3. Share additional material that builds on what you learned in LEAD 365.
  4. Give alumni a forum to share your insights about being a person worth following. Your insights can be shared through responses to our postings or even by offering your own posting when desired.

We will post something new each Monday as part of our commitment to our alumni. We hope that the blog is just one part of an ongoing learning community of people who have experienced LEAD 365. You are welcome to share our posts with anyone you like, but they will always be written to you.

Whether a post is long or short, new or a repeat, we hope you find them valuable. As is always true, any feedback you choose to provide us will be received as a gift.