Comprehensive Leader Development Services

Leading by DESIGN offers comprehensive and personalized leader development services to help executives learn, understand, and practice the skills needed to be highly successful.

LEAD 365: A year of study, practice, and growth

This long-term, in-depth leader development opportunity includes one daylong training session per month (12 in total), homework assignments, and individually-scheduled one-on-one coaching.

For organizations with offices in multiple locations, we offer an online, webinar-based version called LEAD 365i for cohorts of 6 leaders from anywhere in the world.

“LEAD 365 helped me manage conflict and stress. I now feel calm in times of crisis. I’ve also learned how to read people better, and how to delegate better.”

–Jeff Berens, Executive VP, West Michigan Community Bank

This comprehensive, 12-month program reinforces key concepts through experiential models of learning. Once a month, in cohorts of 9, executives from different companies gather to learn, reflect, and process around a particular leadership topic.

Between sessions, individuals complete various reading, writing, and experiential assignments to deepen their understanding of the topic. Two hours of individual coaching personalize the material, and provide an accountability partner.

For organizations with offices in multiple locations, Leading by DESIGN offers an online, webinar-based version, LEAD 365i, for cohorts of 6 leaders from the same organization, based anywhere in the world.

Executive Coaching: One-on-One Leader Development

Monthly coaching sessions of 2 hours offer individual guidance on issues and topics unique to each person. Coaching also provides assessment tools that lead to greater self-understanding. Executive coaching includes:

  • Personal goal-setting. Leading by DESIGN offers client-led coaching, which means that individuals bring what’s most important to them to discuss at each session.
  • 360 Feedback. This process of gathering assessments from colleagues and others helps leaders see themselves and their leadership attributes through another lens. Ultimately, feedback helps leaders better understand areas of success and areas of growth.
  • Personality assessments (optional). Such assessments provide an opportunity for leaders to learn more about their personal communication and work style in order to improve working with and leading others.

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Executive Team Development

For leaders in the same organization, we also offer highly customized programs that facilitate team alignment. Shared learning over time, practicing key skills together, and individual coaching will reinforce trust and communication, critical components of high-performance teams.

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